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Challenged by multiple complexities, technology service providers are adopting agile strategies to stay ahead of the competition while maintaining quality and enterprise-grade customer service. Some of the current top technology industry challenges are:

  • To attract leading industry technology experts, maintain on-going employee engagements, retain best talents, employee upskilling and meet hiring targets for seamless project delivery.
  • Continuously getting new projects and delivering them on time by maintaining top quality. Identifying project challenges at an early stage to mitigate risk and work on delivery strategies.
  • Developing a highly secure IT environment ensuring information, solution, device security. Getting rid of legacy technologies and implementing cutting-edge latest tools and technologies to stay competitive.

Odiware offers technology industry-specific services to help high-tech enterprises meet industry standards in the areas of hiring quality resources, building next-gen solutions, securing the IT environment, and implementing top-grade QA processes to reduce risks and enhancing quality.


The industry sectors we served include

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    IT staffing

    Odiware is a one-stop-shop for all your IT staffing related requirements including RPO, executive search, C2H and professional technical talent acquisition services.

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    QA services

    We support technology service providers with an entire spectrum of QA testing services spanning over automation, security, usability, ETL, functional, etc.

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    Software development

    Odiware could be your product development partner in order to support you in building high-end enterprise solutions, custom applications, or mobility solutions.

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    Security solutions

    As a cyber-security expert, we enable technology service providers, to work towards delivering quality solutions, while we take care of their entire IT environment.

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    Cloud services

    We can work as your extended cloud computing team in order to help you in implementing your cloud strategies, migrating to the cloud platform, or performing cloud integration.

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    Embedded systems

    We have developed embedded systems such as standalone devices, device drivers, smartphone peripherals, etc. for technology companies across a variety of platforms.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients have increased productivity, minimized costs without compromising usability.

  • Increased efficiency

    Our technology industry partners have significantly increased their business efficiency leveraging our expertise & industry experience.

  • Quality

    We are a highly quality-focused team and believe in adding real business values. Our solutions ensure zero deficiency that drives faster results.

  • Less cost

    Our offered technology solutions are highly cost-effective that can be a good fit for any business requirements for the tech industry.

  • Faster GTM

    We help our partners increase their development time, identifying errors at an early stage and fixing them quickly for a faster go-to-market.

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We have built a team of highly proficient individuals who are industry experts & possess the latest technological skills. We understand complex technological challenges and perceive what sort of solutions can help you get rid of those in the most cost-effective way.


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