Why Odoo Consulting

As an Odoo Partner, Odiware is dedicated to providing precise guidelines and regulations to successfully implement Odoo ERP in your business. We offer both Functional and Technical Consulting to address your challenges and ensure smooth operation of your business processes within the specified time frame.

Types of Odoo consulting

Odoo Functional Consultant

At Odiware, we provide consultation services to continuously enhance the businesses of our customers. Our team of experts leverages their skills and abilities to design and configure the platform to be more user-friendly. With extensive experience, we possess strong knowledge of the operations across various sectors and understand the business flow. We are equipped with solutions to overcome challenges during operations and integration.

Odoo Technical Consultant

We are proficient in designing and developing the platform according to your company’s unique needs and requirements. We can seamlessly integrate Odoo platform operations with your business functions. Additionally, the platform will be flexible and adaptable to your business operations. Our consultants possess extensive coding expertise, enabling them to create and customize modules for user applications based on your specifications. Furthermore, we conduct rigorous tests to ensure the reliability and operational capabilities of the developed platform.

Why Odiware

Proven ERP Expertise

Our team brings extensive experience and specialized skills in ERP solutions, ensuring top-notch service and insights.

Custom Solutions

We deliver customized ERP implementations that align closely with your business objectives, ensuring greater ROI and improved business outcomes.

Global Perspective, Local Insights

Our solutions are crafted with a balance of global best practices and regional insights, making them effective across diverse business landscapes.

Full Spectrum Services

From planning and implementation to support and evolution, our comprehensive services cover all phases of ERP integration.

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How it works

Sign-up for our service by paying a one-time fee of $1000 and receive 2 weeks software testing service. Our team of experts will handle everything from functional, security and performance testing, to thorough compatibility and regression checks.

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How we are different from others

We provide a wide range of software testing services, including but not limited to: Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, Regression Testing, Automation Testing. We also provide web application testing, mobile application testing, cross browser testing, testing mobile application using multiple mobile hardware or operating system, penetration testing, and OWASP testing.

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