Reduced testing effort for a leading engineering customer upto 30% with our end-to-end test automation.


Our client was working on their business application which they intend to launch as a mobile as well as a web application. 

They required to conduct various regression test cycles in order to ensure they meet the enterprise standards when it comes to speed, user-adoption, compatibility, etc. 

Running test cycles manually was not helping them as this was time-consuming and error prone. 

They were looking for a software testing champion who can help them validate various functional parameters of their mobile application as well as the web portal. 

This includes the database, web forms, APIs, mobile compatibility, security, etc.


After understanding the requirements and business logic, Odiware developed an end-to-end test automation plan to enhance the overall product quality.

We developed functionalities to centralize the entire testing process by blending all the test cases and logic created by different team members. 

Our team also built logic to test the database operations and cross-platform functionality in order to ensure hassle-free application performance in different environments. 

Odiware team enhanced some of the present test cases to drive higher efficiency. We also created automation libraries and scripts in order to run with multiple URLs. 

We also used Selenium scripts with CI tools to run scheduled automation jobs and to manage dynamic UI controls, we adopted dynamic XPaths.


With our automated testing solutions, our client saved over 90% of the overall testing time. 

They launched the application before the estimated time ensuring the highest quality and efficiency. 

Our team also put in place well-organized test assets that can help the client in conducting future maintenance and on-demand scalability.