Odiware helped a leading IT enterprise meet their IT staffing needs in the most cost-efficient & streamlined way.


Our client was facing a lot of challenges in getting the right pool of talent for various internal technical positions through their IT vendors. 

The staffing costs were rising due to the absence of a well-managed IT vendor management program.

They were not able to close crucial internal positions with quality talents, as the sourcing procedure was not optimized.

They wanted to attract top-notch talents for various roles leveraging a cost effective & streamlined recruitment strategy.


After going through our IT professional service portfolio and recruitment approaches, tools, and strategies, our client onboarded Odiware as their IT staffing partner.

Leveraging our years of expertise in the IT staffing industry, wide knowledge of relevant technical skillsets, and with a well-planned streamlined approach, we were able to source the right pool of candidates for the right positions.

Our sourcing team used the best-in-class tools to find more relevant profiles for various open positions in order to accelerate closing opportunities. 

Our front-end team coordinated well with the hiring teams and the candidates to ensure hassle-free recruitment drives and deliver service excellence.


Our client closed over 70% of their positions within a couple of months including some top executive positions.  

The overall recruitment costs dropped by almost 50% as we were able to get rid of siloed processes and built a collaborated process to meet hiring goals.

Sourcing of candidates boosted with more relevant candidates.