Comprehensive testing solutions to ensure an enterprise-grade functionality of a Cloud ERP system


The client is a well-known financial service provider planning to roll out an enterprise Cloud ERP solution to automate multiple business functionalities including sales,
documentation, customer support, asset management, and operations.

The Cloud solution was supposed to be used by a large number of internal users as well as partners. As data security was one of the primary challenges, our client wanted to run a successful testing program to test the functionalities.

The process included performance, module, speed, scalability, functionality, compatibility, security testing.

They also wanted to migrate their data from their On-premise system to the new Cloud system, so they wanted to run data migration testing, data accuracy testing using ETL testing methodologies.


With our years of software testing expertise, we purposed a testing roadmap keeping the release and development work in mind. 

Using integration testing, our test engineers ensured two different modules can work together seamlessly without impacting the user experience.

We made sure the performance, reliability, scalability, and functionality between different modules are intact so that it will not impact any on-going business operations.  

Our ETL Test Experts ran a smooth data migration and accuracy testing program to guarantee a secure data migration environment without any external exposure. 

We conduct Performance Testing to understand the performance of the ERP system in terms of its speed, scalability, and stability under specific conditions.


  • 5000 test cases were validated and updated
  • Caught bugs at the early stage so the go-to-market time was accelerated
  • Optimized application speed and performance
  • Successful load testing ensured the application works fine during peak hours without impacting productivity
  • ETL testing ensured the data is highly safe and secure